• Jessica Norman

Wild Words

The smash whack of a wealding glint,

Merged at the rush of a roar or a bark,

The hum beat seethes and flaps

As we dip at the break

Ripple, climb and soar.

You fizz, I slip. You push,

I overflow -

You wreak havoc, rumble or run

Bury my ooze: a clean splash

I crack - fly into newness

A teaming shine muddily merged with

Your sniff: replenished, eroded


Subsumed, I dive

sing and bubble

Grow into a gliding thing

which repairs all it fights,

which sucks all it eats,

ploughed at the flow

at the stoop where it plays

And glides though the earth

As it tears down the hole it calls home.

#poems #wild #naturepoetry