• Jessica Norman

A Call to Arms (& Arm Chairs)

Updated: Mar 18

Put down your pint,

Go home,

Lock your front door:

Nature won’t stop for you

Won’t make exceptions

For your birthday party

Or for that meeting

Which feels urgent now

(But really

adds up to nothing).

The only thing you will kill then

Is time: As you

FaceTime loved ones,

Looking out your bedroom window

At the sky changing to spring,

The leaves turning,

Fantasising about being

Elsewhere —

But maybe,

You’ll realise that there's


To life than you thought

That the cares that weighed on you before

Were light

That you have today and only that

That you can find joy, even in suffering

Of one thing, though, I’m sure:

When Spring comes again

You’ll be relieved

That you acted

Before it was too late.


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Photographs by Johan Persson 

Voices Off with Dr Jane Goodall photo by Manuel Harlan 

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