• Jessica Norman


Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Another year old and not wise

Wishing to grow younger with age

as I watch time run past

outside the window.

Autumn overstayed its welcome

And Winter wouldn’t budge

Until suddenly Summer ambushed me

Caught me off-guard:

and dislodged me from myself.

Time heals,

only because it forgets

An extraordinary thing -

Filled with that much pain

I’m surprised we get up in the morning

And yet we do

Again and again.


Time is an ocean, Time is a train

Time is a dance, a marathon, a game,

Time is a song that others sing,

Time is seasons, wheels, trees

Time is their turning leaves,

And the pages of a book

You haven’t read

Time is colours

Time’s a rod, and a whip

Time’s a circle, it’s a kiss

But above all: it’s a gift

It’s all we have

It’s this.

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